Tree Services

Tree Services in Dallas, TX

Damaged and diseased trees don’t just affect the appearance of your property. They also impact your yard’s safety and detract from the value of your home or business. Providing trusted tree maintenance in Dallas, TX, J Perez Tree Services is here to keep your greenery looking great 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. From trimming to tree removal services, our trusted team protects your outdoor space.

  • Emergency tree and branch removal
    You never know when disaster will strike your yard. With that in mind, we offer 24-hour service for removing trees and branches downed by storms and other weather conditions. We’re also a tree stump grinder service, so we’re also available for stump grinding services, tree stump removal services, and more.
  • Tree trimming
    Trust us to handle your tree trimming services in Dallas, TX. Our goal is to preserve your trees’ health and beauty, while preventing safety issues. We also offer crown shaping, to ensure healthy growth patterns.
  • Branch trimming/pruning
    Pruning is crucial for preserving your tree’s structure and vitality. Our team utilizes the latest tools to prune dead branches and thin-out overcrowded areas, so your tree grows healthily.
  • Fallen tree and branch removal
    More than mere eyesores, fallen trees can quickly become a home for pests and a safety hazard to people on your property. To that end, we offer fast branch and tree removal to protect your property.
  • Tree removal
    Sick or dead trees can result in root rot and other issues that have a negative impact on your landscape. Whether you need trees removed to stop the spread of disease or make room for a new building, our team can fell trees safely
  • Tree maintenance
    Regular care is essential to preserving the longevity of your trees. Additionally, maintenance helps protect trees from pests and weather damage. From a trimming regiment to fertilization and pruning, we maintain each tree individually.
  • Mulching
    Prevent soil disintegration and improve growth with our expert mulching services. Our mulching can help improve root health and moisture retention while fending off ground-level pests.
Tree Removal
Stump Grinding
Tree Trimming

J Perez Tree Services is your source for reliable tree care in Dallas, TX. No matter what services your trees need, we’ll ensure they get them—delivered individually to your trees. Contact us today at 214-413-8894 or schedule an appointment online.